Udaariyan Written Update 14th September 2021

Udaariyan Written Update 13th September 2021

Udaariyan Written Update 14th September : Updated the new episode promo of “Udaariyan Written Update Today” Episode Full Written Update at codefreshers.com

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Channel Live Show Tv Telecast Day: Monday To Friday

Serial Ongoing Updates: 14th september

Running Time: Episode Run 20-27 Minutes

Current Written Update Air Date : 14 september 2021

Country: India

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Fateh And Khushbeer Arguing. Gurpreet Says Let Him Come In. Fateh Says Once Jasmin Gets Fine, I Will Take Her Somewhere Else. Khushbeer Says Take Her Right Now, This House Door Is Shut For You Two, Forever, Get Lost. Gurpreet Says No, Fateh Won’t Go Anywhere, If He Goes, Then He Will Come Back Ever Like Simran. Khushbeer Says Let Him Not Come, I Will Regard Him Dead Like Simran. She Says Fine, Then Its My Decision, If He Goes From The House Today, Then I Will Also Go With Him. Mahi And Amrik Worry. She Says I Decided It.

Khushbeer Says Fine, Go With Him, If You Think He Is Not At Fault, Then Go. Dada Ji Stops Him. Khushbeer Says I Will Not Mourn That I M His Dad, He Had Kept His Family Pride Aside For This Girl, He Cheated His Wife, And Family, You Can Also Go With Your Son. Dadi Says Fine, If You Make Gurpreet Out, Then Make Us Out Also. She Gets Breathless And Faints. They All Hold Her. Amrik Takes Her To The Room. Fateh Is Still Standing At The Door. Dada Ji Asks Him To Get Jasmin Inside. Fateh Gets Inside.

Rupy Recalls Khushbeer’s Words. Tejo Gets Food And Asks Him To Eat. He Says You Didn’t Eat Anything. She Feeds Him. She Says I Will Eat If You Eat, What Do You Want To Say About Khushbeer. Rupy Says I Was Surprised Seeing Him, He Loves You Like His Daughter, He Cares For You A Lot. She Says I Know, Everyone Is Good At Home, Just …. She Cries. He Feeds Her. He Says I Agree With Khushbeer, You Should Fight For Your Rights, You Should Think Of Getting Your Family Back, You Snatch Your Rights From Jasmin, Your Everything. She Asks What Right, What Right Can I Have On That Man, Would I Wish To Have A Right On Him. Doctor Checks Dadi And Says She Had A Minor Stroke, Heart Attack, She Shouldn’t Get Any Stress, Second Stroke Can Be Deadly. She Goes. Everyone Is With Dadi. Khushbeer Says I Will Stay With Her, You All Can Go. Everyone Leaves.

He Sees Fateh There. He Shuts The Door. Fateh Looks On. Nimmo Stops Fateh. He Says I Was Going To See Jasmin. She Asks How Did You Make Her Sleep In Tejo’s Room. He Says Its My Room Also. She Asks Will You Sleep With Her Tonight. He Says She Is Not Well, I Wanted To See Her. She Asks Him To See Her In The Morning. She Sends Him. Its Morning, Dadi Cries And Asks Khushbeer To Bring Tejo, She Wants To Apologize To Her, Wrong Happened With Her. Khushbeer Says Whatever Fateh Did, That Girl Is Also Here, How Shall I Call Tejo Back. Dilraj Tells A Joke To Tejo. He Says Its Mahi’s Call. Tejo Asks Him To Answer And Make Some Excuse. Mahi Says Please Make Me Talk To Tejo. She Cries. Tejo Asks What Happened. Mahi Says Biji…. She Tells Everything. Tejo And Satti Hear This On Speaker. Mahi Says She Is Just Taking Your Name, She Isn’t Eating Anything, Doctor Said Anything Can Happen If She Gets Another Attack. She Prays That Tejo Comes Home And Jasmin Leaves.

Jasmin Asks What Happened. Fateh Asks Is Dying A Solution For Everything, Couldn’t You Wait For Me. She Says I Thought You Won’t Come. He Says I Will Always Fight For You. She Asks Is Your Family Still Upset. He Says Don’t Think Of All This, I Will Handle Everything. She Stops Him And Says Stay With Me, I Don’t Want To Stay Alone. He Says Biji Suffered A Stroke. She Asks What, Is She Fine Now. He Says She Is Better, Take Rest, Don’t Worry. He Goes. She Says Biji Had To Get Attack Now, Everyone Will Get Upset With Me And Make Me Out. Fateh Takes Food For Dadi.

 Udaariyan Written Update Today 14th September 2021

Dadi Refuses To Eat. She Says I Just Want Tejo. He Says We All Are Here. Jasmin Comes. She Sees Everyone In Aarti. She Says I Know This Happened Because Of Me. Fateh Asks Why Did You Come. She Says I Want To Be With You And Biji. Dadi Turns Away. She Says We Couldn’t Welcome Ganpati Well, But Give Us Happiness Before You Go, Get Tejo Back. Everyone Prays. Tejo Comes Home. Jasmin Sees Tejo Coming. Fateh Also Sees Tejo. Tejo Takes The Fruits Plate From His Hand. She Hugs Dadi. Dadi Says Forgive Us. Tejo Feeds Her The Fruits. Jasmin Gets Angry. Fateh Holds Her Hand And Takes Her. Mahi Turns And Sees Tejo. She Says Bhabhi.

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