Essay on Fundamental Duty and its Importance

Some duties have been mentioned in the Indian Constitution, which are called Fundamental Duties, for all citizens to play their role in the security and development of the country. All those duties have been mentioned in Article 51A of the Indian Constitution, by performing which every person can contribute to the development of the country. … Read more

Essay on Emergency in India

An emergency is that unbalanced state of any country when there is an apprehension of some kind of threat, external or internal to the country. In the Indian Constitution, some special powers have been given to the President of the country, which is exercised by the President in the event of failure of the political … Read more

essay on isro

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is a public organization dealing with the development of space-based applications, space exploration and related technologies for the Government of India. ISRO operates under the Department of Space, which is supervised by the Prime Minister of India. Long Essay on Indian Space Research Organization in English) We will all know … Read more