Find the Direction solution codechef 2021

Find the Direction solution codechef 2021

Chef is currently facing the north direction. Each second he rotates exactly 9090 degrees in clockwise direction. Find the direction in which Chef is facing after exactly XX seconds.

Note:Note: There are only 4 directions: North, East, South, West (in clockwise order).

Input Format

  • First line will contain TT, number of testcases. Then the testcases follow.
  • Each testcase contains of a single integer XX.

You are developing a smartphone app. You have a list of potential customers for your app. Each customer has a budget and will buy the app at your declared price if and only if the price is less than or equal to the customer’s budget.


You want to fix a price so that the revenue you earn from the app is maximized. Find this maximum possible revenue.


For instance, suppose you have 4 potential customers and their budgets are 30, 20, 53 and 14. In this case, the maximum revenue you can get is 60 .


Input format

Line 1 : N, the total number of potential customers.

Lines 2 to N+1: Each line has the budget of a potential customer.


Output format

The output consists of a single integer, the maximum possible revenue you can earn from selling your app.


Sample Input 1



Sample Output 1



Sample Input 2



Sample Output 2



Test data

Each customers’ budget is between 1 and 108, inclusive.


Subtask 1 (30 marks) : 1 ≤ N ≤ 5000.

Subtask 2 (70 marks) : 1 ≤ N ≤ 5×105.


Live evaluation data

There are 15 test inputs on the server during the exam. The grouping into subtasks is as follows.

• Subtask 1: Test inputs 0,…,5

• Subtask 2: Test inputs 6,…,14


The answer might not fit in a variable of type int. We recommend that you use variables of type long long to read the input and compute the answer. If you use printf and scanf, you can use %lld for long long.

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